First Gear Beginner Class comes to Elite!

Exciting times as we open up a whole new class for people who don’t have their own equipment to race with. We are pleased to provide better access to the community through this Nutrafarms sponsored event. There is one very important condition that will need to be met and that is; you can never have raced before. This means that everyone in the class is new to racing.

Everyone racing this class is invited and encouraged to attend an initiation/training night one week before we start the series. Tuesday May 30th starting at 6pm we will go over the vehicles, rules and show you the ropes. RCTrack 101 training.

We will run 4 races in the 2023 First Gear Series.

Here are the dates:
Tuesday June 6th
Tuesday June 27th
Tuesday July 18th
Tuesday August 22nd

6pm start for the first heats.
All Done by 9:30pm or 9:45pm

Cost $50 plus tax per race night. This is a great deal as a regular race fee without the vehicle would be $35 ($25 with a membership) plus $15 for the transponder plus tax. Race fee includes 1 Ballpark Hotdog, 1 bag of Chips and 1 Drink (pop or water)

We are excited to be able to include the newest people to the track and into racing with us. A family friendly environment for everyone!

If you’re interested be sure to sign up now!

First Gear Beginners Club